Why The Monera Art is in love with Monero

Few months ago, I discovered Monero, the philosophy behind the currency and the amazing community in Reddit made me fall instantly in love with it!
People behind Monero are just amazing. A magnificent community that values sharing and helping each other. So I decided to use whatever time and resources I can spare, to participate and help promote Monero.

How can you help ?

I’m always looking for cool and brilliant poster ideas, kickass slogans and punchlines! The best way you can help is to share with me your ideas.

That’s it ?

You can also make a donation if you feel like it… It goes from 1 piconero to 1 meganero !


10 thoughts on “Why The Monera Art is in love with Monero

  1. Pedro

    You’re very talented. You should start selling these as posters and banners. I know my girlfriend and I would be interested in buying them.

  2. Luc

    You should really choose a theme that displays the entire miniatures, rectangular full height, and not a truncated square…
    But great art work, thanks, extra !
    Best regards

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