Why The Monera Art is in love with Monero

Few months ago, I discovered Monero, the philosophy behind the currency and the amazing community in Reddit made me fall instantly in love with it!
People behind Monero are just amazing. A magnificent community that values sharing and helping each other. So I decided to use whatever time and resources I can spare, to participate and help promote Monero.

How can you help ?

I’m always looking for cool and brilliant poster ideas, kickass slogans and punchlines! The best way you can help is to share with me your ideas.

That’s it ?

You can also make a donation if you feel like it… It goes from 1 piconero to 1 meganero !


20 thoughts on “Why The Monera Art is in love with Monero

  1. Pedro

    You’re very talented. You should start selling these as posters and banners. I know my girlfriend and I would be interested in buying them.

      1. Tomas

        I love Monero! in Czech is Miluju Monero! I have similar feelings as you about the philosophy and community – it’s unique – and now I have found this XMR art – amazing! It’s not just technology – it’s state of mind 🙂

  2. Luc

    You should really choose a theme that displays the entire miniatures, rectangular full height, and not a truncated square…
    But great art work, thanks, extra !
    Best regards

  3. DP

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love your work, and was wondering if any of it could be used for actual poster prints? We sell a lot of shirts, but would love to print something like this up.


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  6. rbrunner7

    I am interested in using your work to “decorate” a website about Monero that I am currently building. I saw that for some work you explicitely state a “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License”, e.g. for the paper wallet artwork, that would allow me to do so as far as I understand the license terms.

    Question: Does this license also apply to all the other works, or only to some of them?

  7. Gomar

    I would like to use one of your designs that I remixed to put on my personal phone case.
    The case print company is asking me to provide approval from you. Is this site still alive, I reached out by mail as well?

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