Monero Puzzle

This artwork is a Monero puzzle I made with a lot of ❤️.

There’s a private key with an unknown amount of XMR hidden in it. Which, rumour has it, is the same FluffyPony lost in his boating accident.

Can you find it? Blow my mind!

16 thoughts on “Monero Puzzle

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  2. Arp

    For a Monero Wallet we need three codes:
    1) Address, View Key and Spend Key
    2) Seed (Mnemotecnic)

    what is hidden in the Puzzle? 1) option or 2)?

    GO for it! love MONERO!!

  3. small

    Burbidges chain is really throwing me off… I get the ssh key, translated the morse, understand what type of cypher you are referencing and found the key. BUT HOW THE FUCK DO THE STARS PLAY INTO IT…

    E540-024 = M-04-03-011 = VV 518

    I don’t get it. Great puzzle man!

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  5. Just-Lloyd

    Lots to look at here with excellent cultural references throughout – cheers!

    I’ll take a stab at the private key and explain my logic;
    Within the Monero Research Lab painting, I sequentially recorded the sub-headline text in each block, and included alpha-numeric characters only to get 65 characters total. Need 64, so I cross-referenced the headline letter pairings in each block to the previous 65-char result to find capital letter ‘K’ is the only commonality. This seems to indicate the character to be removed, thus resulting in:


  6. Grinreaper

    The original image monero-Challenge.jpg has 14.2 MB. The current version v12.jpg has 18.8 MB. Can you tell us something? Thank you

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  8. Grinreaper

    Hello, Is it true that the puzzle has been solved? Pogo has published a solution with “TheMonera art puzzle write-up”. But for me the decryption does not work for the first step on codebeautify.

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